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The new patient experience involves a review of your medical and dental history with the treatment coordinator. This allows you the opportunity to communicate your goals and wishes. A complete comprehensive examination will occur by the dental clinical team. This is like a full physical for your mouth, examining the jaw joint, neck, face, the inside of your mouth and your teeth. Measurements to detect gum disease, charting of your existing dental conditions and an oral cancer screen will occur. Any necessary x-rays will be taken.

The results of the examination determine the options available to you. A customized treatment plan will be developed listing those options and will be presented to you at a consultation visit after your initial visit. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and explore various treatment alternatives. Any previous x-rays taken from prior dental experiences are also very helpful and may be acquired from your previous dentists. These x-ray films allow the dental team to assess the rate of change, which is an important factor in determining appropriate treatment choices.

We look forward to establishing a warm and rewarding relationship with you. As our office is expanding we invite you to tell your friends, family and co-workers about our facility. We look forward to seeing your smile!