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Why Your Dental Checkup is so Important

It’s recommended that you see your dentist twice a year for a checkup, and we highlight why below. Meline Jeans – Dean

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  • Maintaining Healthy Gums Your checkup is where the hygienist examines and records information about the health of your gums. This information is then compared with previous visits to note any changes in the health of your gums. If there are negative changes, your treatment plan is updated in order to return your gums to a healthy state. Your biannual checkup is also where a cleaning is conducted to remove plaque and calculus around and within the pockets of your gums. Research has shown that at-home care is often not sufficient to maintain the health of your gums, and that professional cleanings are needed alongside good oral hygiene.
  • Screening for Oral Diseases After the cleaning, the dentist is brought in to do an oral exam. During the oral exam, the dentist is screening for various diseases, such as tooth decay, gum disease, misaligned teeth, impacted teeth, and diseases affecting the tongue, cheek, tonsils, and other soft tissue. X-rays may also be taken to further aid in diagnosing diseases that may not be seen clinically. Patients often don’t feel the early onset of many diseases, so these diseases are routinely discovered during the dental checkup. Catching diseases early can make large differences in treatment outcomes, and can be the difference between a simple, cheap treatment and a complex, costly one.
  • Screening for Bodily Diseases Certain bodily diseases are also screened for by your dentist during your routine checkups. There are various types of cancers that present themselves in the oral cavity, and early detection of these cancers is vital. Your dentist will also check your lymph nodes in the head and neck region to check for swelling and lumps. Abnormalities could signify a serious health condition and your dentist will aid you in referring to the appropriate medical specialist for further examination.